IDC s.r.l. is a leading company in the production and distribution of clothing and fashion accessories worldwide thanks to the combination of the quality of the materials used and unmistakable style.

Born and designed by an Italian businessman of Apulian origin, IDC s.r.l. its strength is mainly in Italy and Spain, aiming to acquire new fashion brands to assert its leadership in distribution in Europe and Asia.

“Our cooperation with companies in the rest of Europe and Asia allowed us to develop and promote our goods successfully to worldwide audience.”

The mission is to redefine the world of street style and tell a way of being with each collection, creating a fashion look that is never out of place.

Thanks to highly qualified staff, IDC establishes more than 2455 legal partners and efficient customers worldwide every day.In the last three years, the expertise in the fashion industry has been the key to success that has allowed the IDC to grow not only in financial terms, but in terms of the market.

Each step, based on an efficient distribution system, was fundamental to success.

Today IDC s.r.l. boasts more than 6 brands in the fashion, street and lifestyle sectors, delivering high quality products and a successful brand to customers.